Unmatched Levels of Furry Adorableness Ahead

I have faith in humanity again, and yes, a video of Tahoe, an absurdly adorable baby bear, is to thank. A compassionate stranger found Tahoe, alone and terrified, next to her dead mother and took her to safety, giving the kindhearted and curious cub a second chance at life.

The stranger drove Tahoe over 400 miles to the Bear League, a nonprofit organization that helps keep bears safe. Given Tahoe's rather unfortunate past and her triumph over such harsh circumstances, it's not too surprising that she was named after the mighty lake located right next to the Bear League.

Tahoe has been carefully monitored by the rescue center and, with much love and attention, she's been able to make a full recovery and gain over two pounds in a few weeks. After another year, she should be able to venture off into the wild on her own, according to the Bear League.

Be prepared for the cuteness you're about to witness. You'll see Tahoe squirming and wiggling around, and if you didn't know any better, you would've never guessed that this happy-go-lucky bear has been through such adversity. Tahoe is a lesson in resilience. And adorableness.