Her Book Might've Been 'The Scrunchie Chronicles'

We're still a couple of weeks out from the release of Hillary Clinton's new book, Hard Choices, but there's a lot of buzz building: Tuesday morning, publisher Simon & Schuster released Clinton's author's note. In the text, Clinton details her reasons for writing the book, and sets up what's in the pages ahead.

“I’ve served our country in one way or another for decades,” she wrote. “Yet during my years as Secretary of State, I learned even more about our exceptional strengths and what it will take for us to compete and thrive at home and abroad.”

In the note, Clinton acknowledges she'll come under fire for what's in the pages of her book, but that she didn't write the memoir for "followers of Washington’s long-running soap-opera." (Tune in to channel 2016, perhaps?)

The author's note is up in its entirety at the Hard Choices website; just register and read it for yourself. And mourn with us that she didn't call her book The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries And It's Still All About The Hair.

Oh, and speaking of that buzz up to the June 10 release date: Which end of the bet were you on about whether or not Hard Choices was going to sell? The numbers are in, and people are on board to read this thing. According to Mike Allen at Politico, Simon & Schuster's initial run of 1 million copies of Hard Choices has already sold out, and that figure doesn't even include the retail preorders, which is sure to kick the number up even higher. In his Daily Playbook email, Allen also writes, "Bookstores and other retailers ordered 1 million for further sale to the public — a seal of approval from the booksellers that people will want to read the book."