This New App Could Save Your Sex Life

Have you ever felt nervous right before a casual encounter? Or maybe, you forgot the flirting playbook protocol and didn't know how to get to third base? If you're not always the smoothest when it comes to sex, the My Sex Doctor app could help. The app acts like a sex dictionary, answering any sex-related question you could possibly think of. How awesome is that? Really awesome.

For people like me, relationships resemble a game of Jenga. They're unstable, and I never know what to do next. MYSD LTD's My Sex Doctor offers you step-by-step instructions on how to navigate this tricky terrain. The app ultimately promotes sex education and enables anyone age appropriate to learn about safe sex. The app's mission is "to become the main reference point for teenagers and young adults seeking information about puberty, relationships, and sex," according to their website. The app has many nifty and practical features, which include a sex dictionary and a list of "100 things you must know." You're able to explore many sensitive topics on your own in privacy, so even if you're a curious teenager or an uninformed adult, you can educate yourself on peninses and menstruation without feeling embarassed.

What's great about My Sex Doctor is that there are three different app types. Each one has slightly different features and is suitable for a different age group. For example, My Sex Doctor Lite is appropriate for anyone age 12+, and the regular My Sex Doctor is for anyone age 17+, and if you don't want any ads when searching up the definition of "abstinence," then you can opt for My Sex Doctor Plus.

To learn more or to see how useful this sex app can be for you, watch their promotional ad below: