15 Sunglasses Under $20 That Are Actually Cool For Summer

I firmly believe that a pair of sunglasses can make an outfit. Like the perfect addition to an Instagram photo (say, an iced coffee from Starbucks or a newly-manicured hand holding that iced coffee), sunglasses really just give an entire outfit that extra 'oomph.' And oomphs are always good in my book. If you're dreading shelling out serious cash to get that perfect pair of sunnies, fear not. There are dozens of reasonably-priced sunglasses out there that are perfect for your own personal style. Plus, these won't hurt quite as badly if you lose them at some point — which, if you're like me, is just inevitable.

Round Frame

I’m going to start out where every fashionista shopping for a deal should begin their quest for trendy, affordable pieces — Forever 21.

Chic Round Sunglasses, $5, Forever 21

Tortoise Shell

These are both classic and trendy. Oh, and $11.

Wilshire Sunglasses, $11, Tobi


Completely smitten by the ’90s style comeback? These are the sunnies for you.

90’s Metal Insert Sunglasses, $15, Top Shop

Reflective Aviators

This version of aviators is everywhere lately in terms of fashion blogs. Sometimes it’s risky to invest a lot of money on a SUPER trendy item, so the price is definitely right for this pair of sunnies.

Top Gun Sunglasses, $20, Tobi

Modern Cat Eye

Everyone needs a pair of cat eye sunglasses, after all.

Chunky Cat Eye, $19, ASOS


This style of sunglasses has been super popular lately, just like most vintage-inspire eyewear has been in the past few years.

New Round Fashion Designer Women’s Sunglasses, $10, Zero UV

Bold Frame Wayfarer

Who says neutral sunglasses are only come in shades of brown and black?

Women’s Retro Thick Bold Frame Wayfarer Sunglasses, $10, Zero UV


Granted, these days, most sunglasses are oversized, but these are the perfect pair of sunnies to cover 75% of your face without making you look like a weird bug. Score.

Oversized Round Sunglasses, $19, ASOS


It wouldn’t really be a summer accessory if it wasn’t neon.

Indie Hipster Retro P3 Round Cat Eye Sunglasses, $10, Zero UV

Metal Details

Ain’t nothing wrong with a little metal detail work.

Mess-A-Round Hot Tip Sunglasses, $5, Go Jane

In The Mood For Something A Little Different?

I call this one, “Business In The Front, Party On The Sides.”

Chunky Exaggerated Round Sunglasses, $3, Go Jane

Classic Cat Eye

The CLASSIC cat eye pair of sunglasses is the way to go if you want to put together a completely vintage-inspired look.

Sorbet Seeker Sunglasses, $15, Modcloth


Because not everyone can spend $400 on a designer pair, there are ‘designer-inspired’ options.

Designer Inspired Round Fashion Sunglasses, $10, Zero UV

Glitter: It's Important

Always say yes to glitter.

River Island Penelope Glitter Sunglasses, $18, ASOS

Sweet and Simple

Sometimes the simpler, the better.

Jeepers Peepers Jamie Sunglasses, $19, ASOS