Want To Read Part of Kendall & Kylie's Book?

Next Tuesday, the literary world will be forever changed. For next Tuesday is the day Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s YA novel will hit e-shelves and real shelves alike. Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia is, according to Amazon, “a thrilling dystopian story about two super-powered girls who embark on a journey together." The Jenner sisters and co-author Maya Sloan just be writin' what they know, eh? MTV News obtained an exclusive first look at the book. It’s not just a page from the book. It’s TWO FULL CHAPTERS. Ha cha cha cha cha!

Why yes, I did spend Tuesday morning poring over the two chapters. And now I can't wait to read the entire novel. This preview did exactly what it needed to do: It grabbed me by the Emergence Balls (just a little R:CoI: TSoLaL reference to whet your appetite) and didn't let go.

I’ve culled my favorite lines/excerpts from the chapters. Please note: I am someone who loves the Jenners and appreciates YA. I am not mocking these lines. I am all about these lines. The lines bring me so much joy. These lines strike all of the right chords.

The Best Lines From R: CoI: TSoLaL, Chapters 1 & 2:

Close your mouth and memorize a flower sonnet.

Mic drop.

I want to rip off my sashes and shriek like a hellion.

I hope Kendall and Kylie adoringly refer to one another as "a shrieking hellion."

“Someday we’ll talk about that, but not today. I’m afraid your hair needs to listen more.”

I vow to say "I'm afraid your hair needs to listen more" on the regular.

The ones that lurk beneath the earth, that are cloaked in shadows and hidden within the eaves of the cavernous mantle. Though I have never seen one, they have made orphans of many.

Holy shit. The Jenner sisters get SPOOKY.

Hoping his spit doesn’t find purchase farther than his thin lips.


I’m sure we looked like nothing more than underdeveloped meat.


I shake the pins from my head, letting my hair fall against my shoulders, allowing the wind to whip it into tangles, and surge forward.

I live and die for this imagery.

“Livia,” he says. “We do not damage nature. We do not kill what grows.”“But it isn’t real, Master. Nothing here is real.”

NOTHING HERE IS REAL?!?!?! Too intrigued. Can't breathe.

Governess believes in enhancements with the same intensity she believes in perfectly tied waist sashes. Her own face ceased changing when she began her yearly visits to the Rejuvenation Island Clinic. You could not discern her age unless you noticed the dullness in her eyes. She has yet to have the sparkle put back in, which is a very painful procedure.

This is the most beautiful and poetic description of plastic surgery I've ever read.

I gaze down. The floating islands glide through the clouds beneath me, caught in their predictable orbits. They’re beautiful from afar — you can almost imagine each is a slice of paradise, but must paradise feel so limited?

More poetry.

I’m breaking the rules, and I absolutely refuse to care.


She could cut the ration line and braid hair and everyone respected her.

This character sounds like a Regina George/Katniss Everdeen hybrid.

She’ll be displeased at my unexpected absence, to say the least, with so many tasks yet to be done: final gown mods, vitamin injections, rosebud cheek infusions, last-minute blemish inspection and evulsion.

Hey, even dystopian Emergence Ball honorees have gunk in their pores.

But being special doesn’t mean you aren’t a dumb kid sometimes.

The Jenner sisters hitting us with that real talk.

I knew another write-up wouldn’t matter, so I finished our conversation with my fists.She lost a tooth, and I won another write-up.

Uh oh.

The mutations … they can look like anything.

ANYTHING? I'm taking "they can look like anything" incredibly literally. A stove. The feeling of thirst. A doctor's office waiting room. A ball of lint. Apathy

I could go on and on with this list of snippets. I might be obsessed with every line from the first two chapters.

You can put the entire book in your eyeballs June 3.