Sirs Ian McKellen & Patrick Stewart Force 'X-Men' Cast To Do Impressions Of Them — VIDEO

Consistently delightful humans Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are wrapping up their X-Men: Days Of Future Past press tour right now, and that is a very bittersweet thing. While we mourn its loveliness, though, we can cling to one thing: McKellen and Stewart forcing James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender to do impressions of them. It's as entertaining as it sounds.

McAvoy and Fassbender obviously play the younger versions of Stewart and McKellen's characters in the most recent X-Men movies, so it would only follow that the younger actors would have impressions of their older counterparts in their arsenal. What brings out the cute factor in this particular video is how bashful they both get when asked to actually share it with the person they're impersonating — and how excited Stewart and McKellen are to see themselves reflected back at them.

Key moments of this piece — and surely it is a performance piece that will somehow be immortalized in a museum decades from now — include McAvoy's terror at being confronted with the idea of having to say Stewart's "Space, the final frontier" speech from Star Trek: TNG actually to Patrick Stewart, the older gentlemen's attempts to do impressions of the younger men, and Michael Fassbender's giant scary shark smile making another appearance.

Image: Yahoo