Emma Had a Secret Guard at Graduation

As you may have heard, Emma Watson graduated from Brown University on Sunday, but as you may not have heard, she had some pretty intense security accompaniment to the ceremony. Apparently, Emma Watson was joined by a disguised guard at her graduation. I know what you're thinking, "What the heck were they disguised as? Brown's bear mascot? A professor? A second Emma Watson in order to throw people off?" Well, the answer is that she was disguised as another graduating student. Duh! It's the perfect cover! The only thing is, this student was packing a gun and badge under her gown.

Photos were taken of Watson at the ceremony wearing her cap and gown while sitting in the crowd with her fellow students. The woman seated next to Watson looks a bit older than the other students, but adults starting college later in life happens all the time. But then! Pictures were taken of Watson leaving the ceremony as well and the same woman can be seen helping her down a flight of stairs and, later, with her cap and gown removed revealing a gun, badge, and walkie talkie strapped to her waist.

According to E! Online, Brown University gave no comment on Watson's security escort, but it seems clear that this is exactly what was going on. I guess there's still a possibility of Watson just happening to have a friend graduating at the same time as herself that works part-time as a security guard who had to rush over after finishing up her shift.

I'm thinking this "fellow graduate" probably kept a close eye on Watson during the tossing of the caps. Things can get pretty rowdy with all the cheering and sharp edges.