Kendall's First Apartment Is Better Than Yours

It's no surprise that a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family's first home would be more impressive than yours, but unfortunately that doesn't take a way the pang of jealousy that comes with hearing the news. Kendall Jenner bought a very expensive condo in Los Angeles and, of course, it's absolutely gorgeous. According to TMZ, Jenner paid $1.39 million for the home herself and took out a $910,000 mortgage. Looks like that modeling work is paying off! Well, and the fact that she's been on a popular reality TV show since she was 11.

Jenner's new condo is reported to have two bedrooms and two and a half baths and is in a high-rise building near the Westwood neighborhood of LA. A video posted online of the condo shows a huge living room and spa-worthy bathroom with a massive amount of windows. Ah! To have amazing natural lighting! This girl doesn't know how good she has it. (Yes, the windows are the most envy-inducing part. You'll see.)

In addition to the apartment itself being amazing, the building has a pool, 24-hour valet service, a fitness center, and wine storage.

Jenner's apartment is obviously better than most first apartments as I'm sure many of you understand. My first apartment was an old house on my college's campus which I shared with five people. My room was actually meant to be a living room, the kitchen was constantly covered with Sparks residue, and there was one shower. So... yeah, Kendall's doing pretty well for herself.

Another fun fact, the apartment was reportedly sold to Jenner by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richard's daughter Farrah Aldjufrie. Do you see an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians which features apartment hunting and is able to cross-promote RHOBH coming up? I do!

Check out the video below. Then go have a drink or something because the fact that you'll likely never have those windows while an 18-year-old already does is going to stress you out.