6 Actors Your Forgot Were In 'Notting Hill'

by Kristie Rohwedder

May 28 marks the 15th anniversary of Notting Hill , a timeless pearl of a rom-com starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant as love interests Anna and Will. Anna is the most famous actress on the planet! Will is a modest bookshop owner! Worlds collide! Will sums up their different lifestyles thusly: "I live in Notting Hill, you live in Beverly Hills. Everyone in the world knows who you are, my mother has trouble remembering my name."

Anna's reply? Oh, just one of the more famous lines from the movie: "The fame thing isn't really real, you know. Don't forget: I'm also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." NAILED IT, ANNA.

We all love us some Roberts and Grant, but the rest of the cast is brilliant, too! If it's been a hot minute since you last got your Notting Hill on, you could be a little rusty as to who makes up the ensemble. Off of the top of your head, you might remember Honey (Emma Chambers), Will's adorably zany sister. Same can probably be said about Max (Tim McInnerny) and Bella (Gina McKee), Will's sweet friends. You may even recall Martin (James Dreyfus), the dim bookstore employee. BUT! The last time I revisited the movie, there were a few cameos that caught me off guard. A lot of "OH MY GOD, S/HE'S IN THIS?! WHERE HAVE I BEEN?!" happened.

Here are some of the actors I forgot were in Notting Hill (and you probably did, too):

Mischa Barton

Aw, little Marissa Cooper! And she wasn’t playing a vomiting ghost this time around! Instead, the young actress tackled the role of “Young Actress.”

Emily Mortimer

Bird Bones was Will’s "Perfect Girl." Funnily enough…

Alec Baldwin

...Jack Donaghy was also in the movie. ‘Twas an uncredited cameo, but Baldwin played Anna’s boyfriend. I know, right?!?!

Clarke Peters

Clarke "Lester Freamon" Peters was the lead actor in Helix.

Hugh Bonneville

Remember Bernie, Will's friend? Sure. But did you put two and two together and realize that Bernie is Robert Crawley, Earl of Grantham?! I did not.

Rhys Ifans

Who am I kidding? There’s absolutely no way any of us forgot about Spike, Will’s hilariously disgusting roommate. HE ATE MAYONNAISE LIKE YOGURT. That image will never leave my mind.

Images: Universal