14 Graduation Gifts That Are Fun, Functional, And Inspiring

Graduating is tough. The real world is scary and becoming a functioning adult is even scarier. We all know that deep down, most graduates just want cash, the promise of a job, or the knowledge that it's all going to be OK. Those last two wishes are tough to grant, but maybe we can cheer up the recent grads in our lives these fun finds — some practical, some silly, some design-minded, and some celebratory.

by Corinne Caputo

i am very busy ipad sleeve

As a graduate, I’m sure she is very busy. Help her protect her iPad while informing everyone she’s occupied.

IPad Sleeve, $25,

why not gold foil print

Commencement speeches are often inspiring but the feeling can wear off over time. Keep the momentum going with this inspiring print.

Why Not Gold Foil Print, $8, Etsy

instructions for happiness and success

Ah, finally, the instruction manual we’ve all been waiting for and desperately need.

Instructions For Happiness and Success , $12, A m azon

adventure awaits flag

It’s true, real life is scary. But it is inspiring too. Adventure is out there!

Adventure Awaits Flag, $34, Urban Outfitters

what to focus on mug

Keep that grad upbeat and focused on what really matters (coffee and happiness).

What To Focus On Mug, $15, Society 6


Keep her breath minty and fresh at those upcoming job interviews!

Empowermints, $3, Amazon

that january feeling print

This print by Gemma Correll perfectly summarizes “that January feeling” and “that graduate feeling.”

Nope Print, $18, Society 6

instax mini 8 camera

Give that millennial graduate what they’ve always wanted with this Instax mini 8 camera.

Instax Mini 8 Camera, $65, Amazon

mobile charger

Real Life includes forgetting to charge your phone or not being in a Starbucks with an outlet. BOOM! Problem solved.

Mobile Charger, $35,

girl talk bobbi set

Graduate in style with these fun bobbi pins.

Bobbi Set, $15,

cheeky typographical art print

For the grammar nerds and English majors graduating this year, here’s to you!

Cheeky Art Print, $18, Etsy

earth science glasses

And for the Science whizzes, this one is for you!

Earth Science Glasses, $38, Uncommon Goods

pocketbook crossbody

Functional, adorable, and crossbody — perfect to tote along on the European backpacking trip she has planned.

Pocketbook Crossbody, $138, Fossil

instagram necklaces

Help your graduate step up his/her #selfie game with these accessories.

Instagram Necklaces, $25, Photojojo