50 Cent Comforts Bad Athletes Everywhere with Terrible First Pitch at Mets Game

Hey, not everyone can be good at everything. Sure, we might be living in a generation of multitaskers who are spoiling us with the knack for acting and singing, or for singing and dancing, or rapping and lint rolling (I'm looking at you, Drake), but some people just aren't double or triple threats. 50 Cent proved that at the Mets Game on Tuesday. Apparently, the rapper's musical talents don't extend into baseball. 50 Cent threw one of the worst pitches of all time, but, on the bright side, at least it wasn't the worst.

If we want to be generous, we could just say that his pitch was a little off center. Instead of getting anywhere near the catcher's mitt, it spun off toward the camera men behind the first base line instead. Thankfully, it didn't actually connect with anyone, but it was still a pretty sorry effort. It just goes to show you that having a muscular build is absolutely no indication of athletic talent.

As a person who can't run around a baseball diamond without getting winded and who trips over nothing more frequently than Bella Swan, 50 Cent is an unsung athletic hero to me now. If he can laugh off pitching like someone who has never seen a baseball before, then bad athletes of the world should feel a lot less self-conscious.

While I'm sure that 50 Cent probably wishes that there could be a ceremonial redo of the ceremonial first pitch, leaving his mark in the worst throws of all time hall of fame is a lot more inspirational than a perfect one would have been. Not to mention it opens us up to a whole new world of insanely good one-liners that fly with a lot more force and accuracy than 50 Cent's pitch.