Sassy Jenga Cat Plays the Game Better Than You & He Knows It, Too — VIDEO

Jenga might be the world's most frustrating game. Before you can even play the game you need to build this huge tower, knowing full well that it's going to fall over the second someone's elbow brushes past it. Then, when you're actually playing the game, that becomes the entire point — you're actively waiting for someone to knock over the tower and lose the game, even though you know you're going to be the one rebuilding the whole thing for round two. Sure, Jenga's fun, but, man, is it exhausting. You need to be pretty great at the game not to find the whole "building up, tearing down" concept tedious. Jenga Cat probably has no idea what I'm talking about, because this cat is GREAT at Jenga. Seriously.

I'm not sure why Jenga Cat's owner decided to start playing Jenga with Jenga Cat in the first place, but this cat has the potential to go pro in Jenga. (Not like that's even a thing for people, let alone cats.)

Unfortunately, Jenga Cat also has a bit of an attitude problem, which is really too bad for him or her, considering that few people want to play Jenga with a cat who doesn't even let them take their turn. But though this kitty may be a bit of a cheater and a sourpuss, you have to admit that this whole thing is pretty freakin' adorable. Check it out:

Alan Palesko on YouTube

Pretty cute, right? This video has officially inspired me to teach my dogs how to play Connect 4.