Fiona is back with PTA ... for 'Hot Knife'

The girl knows how to cut through the bullshit and get right to the heart of the matter. Case in point: Fiona Apple's new music video, for her powerfully poetic song "Hot Knife." The song, which brings her fantastic 2012 album The Idler Wheel... to a triumphant close, has the brilliant, resounding chorus "If I'm butter, then he's a hot knife." All bow down to Fiona, knower of all things about love.

Although the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter has endured plenty of personal heartache, it seems she can still remain professional and is still on good terms with her ex Paul Thomas Anderson. (He and Fiona broke up about ten years ago; he has since moved on to a long-term relationship with Maya Rudolph, with whom he has four children).

The Oscar-nominated director, who Apple dated in the 90s and early 2000s, directed the music video for "Hot Knife." While this marks PTA's first music video in 11 years, the two previously collaborated on some of her other fantastic videos, including "Paper Bag," "Limp," "Fast as You Can," and another black-and-white beauty, her cover of The Beatles' "Across the Universe."

The stunning, simple video for the pulse-pounding "Hot Knife" puts Apple front and center (and her sister Maude Maggart to her left and right in the split-screen scenes) and allows the profound song — with its drumming heartbeat and heartfelt lyrics — to truly be the star. (That said, Apple, at 35-year-old, has never looked better).

At the core, it's just Apple doing what she does best: wearing her heart on her sleeve and singing the hell out of her songs. Watch the intense, lovely video for "Hot Knife" here: