Crotch Shots = More Clicks

It turns out that when you're selling pants, it doesn't matter how handsome or athletic your model is, so long as he's got a crotch. According to Pandodaily, Betabrand's Head of Customer Acquisition Julian Scharman admitted that when promoting their pants, crotch shots get the most clicks when it comes to social platforms.

Although a wee bit embarrassing, this totally makes sense, right? Because at the end of the day sex sells, even if the pants you're selling are relaxed and made out of terrycloth. Scharman told Pandodaily that his company, which prides itself in creating unique clothing pieces, stumbled upon this discovery inadvertently.

In an attempt to find a photo that showed off the company's pants on a Facebook News Feed ad, Scharman picked one that best showed the detailing of the belt and the pockets as well as the look and fit. This turned out to be a rather close-up photo of their model's genital region, but whatever, look at the pants! What resulted was a huge spike in conversion rates on Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, there was a 156% spike in retweets and a 78% increase in follows. On Facebook, email sign-ups increased by 60% and click through rates by 30%. Clearly, Scharman was on to something. And that something was that people love crotches.

From then on, Scharman instructed photographers to snap photos of the models' midsection so that it can be cropped "in ways that are useful for these new advertising revelations." They're not only using these kinds of photos on Facebook and Twitter, but also on their website. Just take a look at the men's pants section to see for yourself.

While crotch shots have resulted in an increase in the company's popularity, Scharman also believes it's because customers are noticing the quality of the fabric and detailing of their products. You keep telling yourself that, Mr. Scharman.

(Image: Betabrand )