How To Keep In Touch With Your College Friends

by Keertana Sastry

You did it. You've graduated! You got through the longest ceremony in the history of mankind and you've taken off the cap and gown for good. Congrats! Now comes the hard part: Real life. In the midst of getting a job, potentially moving, finding an apartment, and other adult things, graduating throws you another huge challenge: it can be difficult to stay close with the great friends you made in college. And though everyone is moving on in different ways, that doesn't mean you can't keep in touch with the people who got you through.

Having been there myself, I can tell you there are more than a few ways to ensure you keep in touch with the people you loved in college. Just remember one thing — you have to put in the time and energy to do it.

Starting fresh right out of college can be tricky for anyone, so keeping your friends close is extremely important, and worth the effort. If they've been there for you before, they'll be there for you now. Here's how to ensure that no matter where you end up, you keep in touch.

Because, really, there are no friends quite like the friends you make in college.

Use Video Chat Instead of The Phone

Make Skype, GChat, Facetime and other video chatting applications your go-to means of communication when you're catching up or just wanting a gab session with friends. Set up a weekly chat time, or use the applications to have web coffee hangouts, movie nights, and more. It'll almost be like your friends are in the room with you.

Take Advantage Of Great Flight Deals

Many airlines have great discounts on flights weekly. Decide what dates you might be able to get away for a random weekend and try to fly into your friends' towns for a visit. There's nothing sweeter than wanting to spend some time with those you love just for the sake of it.

Go Back To School For Big Events

Homecoming is one of the best times to go back to your college. Droves of alumni come into town and tailgating is never better. It'll almost feel like you're back in college yourself — minus all the annoying stuff like 8 am classes and tests.

Finally Plan That Road Trip You've Been Talking About

Most of us have talked about planning a big road trip with all of our college friends. Why not actually make it a reality? Now's the time to stuff everyone into a car and drive.

Set Reminders (not on Facebook) For Birthdays

A simple text, call, Facebook message, or anything in between on someone's birthday is a great way to stay connected to friends. If you put them in your google calendar you can even plan ahead enough to send a gift!

Send Random Texts

Having a weird day? Heard something strange at the supermarket? Saw something that reminded you of one of your friends? Tell them! Group messaging can be a great way to keep the same people talking as well.

Plan An Annual Reunion

If the road trip idea is too difficult, why not try and plan an annual get together for the friend group? Meet up the night before Thanksgiving for a "Friendsgiving," or take a page out of Seinfeld and have a Festivus party.

Use Snapchat

Just like a random text or Facebook message, sometimes sending a little snapchat of a cool location you're visiting, a delicious meal you're eating, or a new hairstyle is all you need to keep in touch. It really is the little things that matter the most.

Everyone Loves A Letter Now And Then

Back in the olden days, this was the only form of communication. So why not use it every now and then? Texts and other chat apps are great, but sometimes, sending a letter can be the best way to show someone how much you really want to keep in touch.

Send Other Fun Stuff Too

Along with letters, you can send each other all sorts of fun items. You can make each other care packages, start a group journal, or even share clothing a la Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants . Just make sure you wash the clothing you send to each other. Seriously, who wants to wear a pair of jeans with your friends' sweat and sand in it?

Start A Long-Distance Project Together

Get really creative and make something together like a scrapbook, a slideshow, or a comic book. The crafting choices are endless!

and when all else fails...

remember: Your phone can be used as an actual phone


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