Iggy Azalea Beats Beyonce & Matches The Beatles Billboard Record With This Song

Last week, The Beatles were the only musical artist or group to hold the number one spot and number two spot on the Billboard charts simultaneously. Today, their 50-year-old record has been matched by Iggy Azalea. Iggy's hit "Fancy" has painstakingly crawled from the second spot to the top of the chart, dragging "Problem," her duet with Ariana Grande, along for the ride to the second spot. The Beatles set this record on February 22, 1964, when "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "She Loves You" moved from the third spot to first and second, respectively.

Of course, Beatles fans won't be enamored with the idea of a controversial young rapper taking an honor that once belonged to cultural revolutionaries, but alas, the world moves on. It's more peculiar that singles like "Drunk in Love," "XO" or "Flawless" from Beyonce's self-titled album didn't win the honor first. Even though the album is "old" now, it seems that #wokeuplikethis will never die, so we clearly haven't forgotten Queen Bey's "visual album." It seems that the performer who sold more copies of a surprise album than any in the past would have the revolutionary tendencies to match the artists who penned "Revolution." Yet Iggy Azalea, with her potentially offensive vocal affectation and refusal to apologize for racist tweets, is the record-breaker we're stuck with.