'Frozen's Elsa Would Rule the 'Game of Thrones'

I mean... winter IS coming to the Realm of Westeros and who better to rule that Iron Throne than someone who's never really bothered by the cold at all? That's right, the Frozen and Game of Thrones mash-up you never knew you wanted or needed is here, in t-shirt form, thanks to the folks at Neatorama. Which means you can buy it! You can literally wear this on your person (if you're so inclined for such fandom mash-ups), and it's visual proof that Elsa would be a totally great ruler of the world George R.R. Martin created in his A Song of Ice and Fire series. And we've got the examples to prove it.

Now, we already know what you're going to say. No way! No how! Not even! But listen: we, too, are fans of the "death and all of the bad things humans do" party that is at the heart of Game of Thrones. And upon first glance were inclined to ask: How in the world could a damn Disney princess handle the harsh reality that is the Realm? After seeing the mash-up come to life, though, it seems sort of obvious, to be frank. In fact we plucked 5 reasons off the top of our heads in a matter of minutes. In fact, we daresay that simply just by looking at the t-shirt design (below), it's not hard to understand the reasons:

Those Pointy Swords Wouldn't Hurt Anymore

Know what softens metal? Water. Because water always wins. And frozen water is slippery and fun. With a quick flick of the wrist that highly uncomfortable throne becomes a chair worth sitting in (though perhaps the rest of us mortals could use a pillow for our bums).

She Could Totally Take on a Bunch of White Walkers

Know what would stop a bunch of White Walkers? An even BIGGER WALL. The Night's Watch would never lack for ice and power to forge their mighty barrier ever again. Hello a return to normalcy!

Winter is Coming? No Problem

There's a whole goddamn song about this. The cold never bothered her anyway.

Strong Women Get Shit Done

Just as Daenerys Targaryen is currently doing in the slave cities across the way, freeing and liberating the minds (and bodies) of the people is a job that women do very, very well. If Elsa could prove that there's no reason to fear the cold in her film, who's to say she couldn't do it in theirs?

Image: Neatorama; Giphy [1]