Celeb Magazine Covers: Now And Then

Christy Turlington is officially back. The famous supermodel is (once again) gracing the cover of British Vogue for their July 2014 edition, and she looks completely fabulous. Turlington is no stranger to Vogue or magazine covers in general, and stunned on her first Vogue spot back in December 1989 (the woman has not aged). 45-year-old Turlington looks gorgeous and completely natural on the July 2014 cover and whether it's good genes, expensive skincare products, or simply the ever-present power of Photoshop, Turlington looks like she almost hasn't aged at all. It's impressive, really.

Turlington isn't the first celebrity or model to appear on a magazine cover multiple times. Every magazine has their favorite cover girl, and it's amazing to see how celebrities have changed over the years between the covers. Ok, let's be honest; it's even more amazing to see how they haven't changed (really, though, can someone just tell me what face cream Christy Turlington uses?). And by amazing, I mean just a little bit scary. But I digress. Whether it's Kate Moss for Vogue (she's graced the cover of British Vogue over 30 times over 21 years) or other famous celebrities on any variety of magazines, here's a look at a handful of the best celebrity magazine covers, now and then.

1. Christy Turlington 1986 v. 2014

Like I said, someone get me whatever anti-aging serum she's using. ASAP.

2. Kate Moss 1993 v. 2014

Well, Kate not only looks pretty much the same (dare we say...even better?), but she's apparently gotten a lot happier as well. Oh, and she's only 19 in the first cover. Crazy.

3. Cameron Diaz 1990 v. 2014

I've spent a solid ten minutes going back and forth between the two pictures. Does aging even exist for Cameron? Maybe it's all her unusual beauty habits that keep her looking like that.

4. Gisele 2001 v. 2014

*Runs to gym*

5. Julia Roberts 1991 v. 2014

Alright, Julia, you win. At life. You just win.

6. Meryl Streep 1981 v. 2014

And that, my friends, is how you age. Magic Meryl indeed.

7. Diane Keaton 1977 v. 2014


8. Jennifer Anniston 2001 v. 2011

Ok, well this is just scary.

9. Beyonce 2001 v. 2014

Who runs the world? (An ageless) Beyonce.