'Eastbound & Down's Danny McBride's Gets Schooled in HBO's 'Vice Principles'

Eastbound & Down fans, it's time to get excited — HBO ordered 18 episodes of a Danny McBride series. This time, the multi-talented funny man is trading in his catcher's mitt and arrogance for a fancy desk and a megaphone. That's right, folks. McBride is getting his education on and going back to school. The series is entitled, Vice Principles, which, you guessed it, is focused on those unsung heroes of the education hierarchy.

This is surely a role that we wouldn't typically picture McBride in, despite Kenny Powers' stint as substitute phys-ed teacher, because of his characters usual brutish and crude tendencies. But, that's also exactly the reason we cannot wait to see him terrorize a high school in an executive administration position. Given his hilariously awkward and inappropriate interactions with his faux children (poor adorable Toby) and nephews and nieces in Eastbound & Down, it'll be curious to see how he treats those older kids who are consequently way less adorable. We're just sure that although this series takes place in an academic setting, it won't be any less ridiculous.

Thank the comedy gods.

McBride isn't only starring in the show. Once again he's wearing a bunch of different hats on top of that infamous curly main-- he's co-creator, producer, and actor, and being so invested in the project we know he's going to make sure that it's awesome.