Uber Wants To Use Google's Self-Driving Cars, But We Think They Took 'Minority Report' Too Seriously

A few weeks ago, Google announced that its plan to get not just the terrible drivers, but all drivers, off the road. It's scary, high-tech, and just plain weird — Google's self-driving cars. And now, the new project is set re-invent how taxi services, like Uber, operate. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said Wednesday he hoped Uber drivers will ultimately be replaced by the self-driving cars, which... sort of makes sense. Why hired drivers when there are self-driving cars that do the work of a couple of drivers combined? The cars apparently already know the passenger's daily schedule before picking him or her up, anyway.

It's weird to think that self-driving cars already exist — especially with people at General Motors stating back in November that it'd be at least 10 years until one was developed. But Google has been doing its best to ease our nerves. For instance, the team has already explained how the car's technology makes sure it won't run people over (phew). So, how was Google able to pull it off? Well, despite the fact that Google is clearly superior to General Motors in many ways — cough, millions of recalls, cough — the technology giant may have also turned to its favorite science fiction movies for some inspiration.

1. Minority Report

Remember Tom Cruise being awesome and super chill in his self-driving vehicle? Of course Google would want to emulate this.

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2. Total Recall

Johnny Cab is real creepy. You won't forget about that face, but Google probably saw this movie and went "Wait, we could do way better than that?"

3. Christine


Christine is most definitely a demonically possessed vehicle, but come on, wouldn't it be kind of cool (and also terrifying) if Google's self-driving cars turned into this? I mean, sure, Google isn't aiming for that, but who says it isn't a possibility...?

Image: Carlco Productions