New 'Annie' Trailer Shows Off Cameron Diaz & Jamie Foxx's Comedic Chemistry — VIDEO

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Are there still people doubting that the remake of Annie starring Quvenzhane Wallis isn't going to be the most adorable thing ever? Well, prepare to have those lingering doubts assuaged. Not only was Quvenzhane Wallis the perfect choice to headline a modern retelling of one of the world's most classic stories, but the celebrity cast of Jamie Foxx, Rose Byrne, and Cameron Diaz all combine to form a strong ensemble that shines in the latest trailer for Annie. This trailer features less singing and dancing and more jokes and interpersonal relationships, using them to great effect to show off the ways they have updated the familiar tale.

Quvenzhane Wallis stars as Annie, an orphan who crosses Jamie Foxx's path when she runs into him and he saves her from the path of an oncoming truck. Foxx, who plays a politician, quickly finds public opinion of him increasing in positivity as the image of him rescuing the child goes viral and he makes a deal with Annie to move her into his life so that he can get further ahead in his career. At his side is Rose Byrne and at Annie's is Cameron Diaz, although Byrne is fulfilling what appears to be more of a Pepper Potts role to Foxx's Tony Stark.

At one point, Foxx's character, who has a genuine love for his city that make his intentions in pseudo-adopting Annie seem a lot less black hearted, stares out the window of the car and says, "This city needs me." Rose Byrne quickly takes the opportunity to quip, "All right, take it easy, Batman." There's also an extended scene of Foxx and Diaz's interaction through his car window that makes the whole interaction even more hilarious than it was in the first trailer.

The pop cultural references, from Batman to how quickly the video of Foxx saving Wallis goes viral, all serve to make the movie feel incredibly relevant to our time without crossing the border into cheesy or gimmicky. Foxx and Wallis seem to have great chemistry with one another and Wallis herself just plain shines in this trailer, especially as she gazes at the image of her and Foxx that is making its rounds and immediately complains about how big it makes her hair look. If you're not going to see the remake of Annie for the music, then go for the laughs and the nostalgia.

Watch the new trailer below.