Mario Drives A Mercedez-Benz In 'Mario Kart 8', Because Corporate Partnerships Don't Always Make Sense

Think that Mario and Luigi need more variety in their garage? Apparently you're not alone. In an upcoming ad partnership between Mercedez-Benz and Nintendo's Mario Kart 8, Mario can be seen riding around not in his little red box cart, but rather, in a Mercedes-Benz. It's not clear as to why Mercedes decided to team up with the video game, but one thing's for sure — it's definitely weird.

Sure, it's not actually going to be a part of the game — for now — but what kind of image does this give potential gamers? Mario's supposed to be the stereotypical plumber who occasionally rescues Peach and rides a green Dragon around (#TeamYoshi.) Does it make sense for him to be driving a Mercedes?

Possibly, Mercedes-Benz saw this as a way of reaching out to younger drivers — typically, kids from middle school all the way to college ages can be found playing the game. But, again, how many high-schoolers are in a position to own a Mercedes?

At the very least, Mercedes-Benz and Nintendo could at least put Mario is a tuxedo. The trailer shows him in his usual clothes, just driving around like usual.

Everything about this feels weird.


Image: Nintendo