Do You Recognize This Face?

by Viet VoPham

Pop quiz: Who is the woman in the above photo? If you answered "Mona Lisa," you score 100 percent. This Lego interpretation of the famous da Vinci piece is one of Italian artist Marco Sodano's many awesome pixelated versions of classic masterpieces. His inventive artwork received widespread attention last year, and most recently, Sodano's pixelation of famous paintings caught Lego's attention, and they are now appearing as official Lego's advertisements.

Sodano utilizes the various color schemes within actual Legos to function as building blocks for each of his intricate re-figured models. The results from afar are pixelated versions of the original paintings, but up close they appear to be made entirely of the plastic building blocks.

His work is meant to inspire kids to pursue their dreams and to be creative. The concept behind his work is that "All the children are authentic artists with LEGO," according to his website. His works prove that great art can be made from everyday items.

He recently posted a new gallery on his site, which includes the latest pieces he's designed with Geometry Global, an ad agency in Hong Kong where he now works as art director.See his ingenious ads below, and try to test your art history knowledge by guessing which original painting inspired each piece.

For more of Sodano's work, be sure to check out his website.

Images: LEGO