15 Cute White Shoes for All Your Summer Dressing Needs

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Now that Memorial Day Weekend is behind us (sniff sniff), the big bad world of summer fashion awaits. While for some of us, this glorious season (I am biased and, like, really hate winter) is an excuse to frolic at outdoor concerts wearing jumpers and denim cutoffs, I'm personally most excited about the return of white in all its forms — especially shoes.

This may sound overly traditional, but I can't bring myself to wear white shoes between Labor Day and Memorial Day, not least of all because they get nasty really fast from all the gnarly weather we have to endure here in NYC. But when summer rolls around, all bets are off, and I suddenly feel compelled to go all-white. While some reserve ivory shoes for weddings and graduations, I say: Why not every day? You can do a white heel with a casual summer dress or white sandals with cut-offs. You can even go monochromatic and try a cute white dress paired with white shoes. Click through for some pretty options to shop, from sandals to pumps.

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