Mick's 70! Check Out His Jagger Moves in GIFs

by Lindsay Mannering

There are two things in the world one must know. One, fruit tastes better when it isn't refrigerated, and two, the Rolling Stones are the greatest band in the world. To that end, the little old prune Mick Jagger's 70th birthday and he must acknowledge his greatness. After five decades of touring, rocking, drugging, sexing, dancing, running, writhing, singing, screaming, and sweating, the lead singer's still got it, and having seen the Stones in concert in December, I can tell you that the man still runs across the stage like a 9-year-old on Red Bull, and doesn't look a day over 112.

There are a few ways we can celebrate Mick's big day. We could take a listen to some of the Stones' greatest hits. We could walk around in pants three sizes too small. We could do some epic karaoke. But none of that really seems to capture the essence of Mr. Jagger's swagger, and I think we can all agree that his dance moves are what we love most about the tiny rocker in his tinier t-shirts. Take a look.

The Swizzle Snake move:

The Adam Levine Who? move:

The Damn It Bowie, Watch It! move:

The I Meant To Do That move:

The This Is How I Start Every Morning move:

The Yeah, I Call This a Dance Move move:

The Suck It, Britney move:

The This Is Just Me Doing Me move:

The Check This Out, Winehouse move:

Happy birthday, Micky!