J. Lo's New Music Video Is Very Dramatic

by Lia Beck

What do you get when you mix a desert, a hunky guy, and a bunch of bodysuits? If you guessed, "an embarrassingly sweaty way to meet a hot new man"... well, that works actually, but it's not the answer we were looking for. If you guessed J. Lo's J. Lo-rific new music video, now you're on to something. Jennifer Lopez's music video for "First Love" debuted Thursday and it involves a lot of flexible dance moves and rolling around with said hunky guy on the sand. In a crocheted dress, of course. What else do you wear to rolling around sensually on the ground?

The video starts off very dramatically considering this is for a catchy pop song. We start off with a voice over from J. Lo herself which begins, "I knew I had to leave the world behind me." Yikes! She continues, "I knew love would never search for me, I had to search for it." There is a full minute of black and white footage of Lopez walking in the desert with some obvious handbag product placement before the song even kicks in.

But when the song does kick in, it comes in strong. "First Love" is just the type of club-worthy dance song you would expect from J. Lo, and just the type of song you wouldn't expect after seeing the first minute of this video. The rest of it plays out about right with Lopez dancing around in bodysuits, hunky guy carrying a giant tire for no reason, and plenty of that sensual rolling I was talking about. Like, seriously. So. Much. Rolling.