11 Sandals That Are Actually Good For Your Feet

Sandals may be your go-to shoe for the summer, but are they any better for your feet than a pair of high heels? Sure, they seem comfortable because unless they're these, they're pretty easy to walk in, not to mention they go with everything from your breezy dresses to your mini jorts. Still, you might be doing more damage to you feet than you think. However, all is not lost — here are 11 sandals that'll give your feet support all while looking super stylish, too.

Birkenstock Sandals

Silver Birko-Flor Arizona, $110, B irkenstocks

It appears all those normcorers were on to something. Birkenstocks’ contoured footbed actually creates a healthy walking environment for your feet. And the metallic finish on these is anything but granola-y.

FitFlop Sandals

‘Bon Easy’ Sandal, $130, N ordstrom

Not only will these sandals give you a little bit of lift, they’re also made with something called ”triple-density Microwobbleboard.” Translation: they’re super comfy and support your feet.

Tevas Original Universals

Tevas Original Universals, $50, Tevas

Tevas were made specifically to take on the outdoors, which means the durable rubber sole can take pretty much any sort of terrain. Don’t worry, these sandals are also riding the normcore wave to fashionable.

Kork-Ease Sandals

‘Ava’ Kork-Ease Sandal, $145, N ordstrom

Kork-Ease created the original cork wedge sandal in the 1960s and it’s no wonder they’ve been around so long — these babies are super comfy and have a chic retro style about them.

Softspots Women's Trinidad Huaraches

Softspots Women’s Trinidad Huaraches, $30, Foot Smart

These airy, woven sandals have a soft, latex foam insole that gently cushions the foot.

Born Sandals

Juney Born Sandals, $95, B orn Sandals

These sandals are made from durable full-grain leather, which feels so luxurious, you might actually prefer wearing them over being barefoot.

Aerosoles Chlothesline

Aerosoles Clothesline, $50, A erosoles

Don’t be fooled. These strappy sandals still have the same cushioned insole Aerosoles are famous for.

Munro Women's Reed Strappy Sandal

Munro Women’s Reed Strappy Sandal, $160, F oot Smart

This sandal’s lightweight outsole protects your feet against shock, while a steel shank inside the sole enhances stability and support.

adidas Adilette Navy Sandal

Adidas Adilette Navy Sandal, $45, W orld Rugby Shop

These sporty, orthopedic sandals aren’t just for soccer players. Wearing them with socks is the cool thing to do these days.

Spenco Yumi Floral Orthotic Sandals

Spenco Yumi Floral Orthotic Sandals, $35, Amazon

Headed to the beach? Choose these orthopedic sandals instead of rubber flip flops. Your feet will thank you later.

Acorn Vista Ankle Sandals

Acorn Vista Ankle Slingback Sandal, $41, Amazon

These leather sandals may look flat, but they’ve are built with strong arch support and a heel cup for added stability.