'Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Says the Fate of Walter White Might Not Be Final (Spoilers)

Bryan Cranston is currently still on the press tour for the one movie about the giant lizard beast (Godzilla), which means he's also mentioning random things about Breaking Bad, because that's what happens when you star in one of the most beloved shows of the decade. This, in turn, has resulted in Cranston trolling the hell out of Breaking Bad fans by dangling the carrot of continued adventures in front of them all. And no, we're not talking Better Call Saul.

[Surprise, this post will contain Breaking Bad series finale spoilers] Cranston spoke to CNN, where, on the topic of Walter "Heisenberg" White's death in the series finale last year he said that we "never saw a bag zip up," and to "never say never."

Dammit, Cranston.

Chances of this actually coming from a place of future Walter White possibility are slim to none: We probably shouldn't count out Cranston making an appearance in Better Call Saul somewhere — that's a prequel, after all — but Vince Gilligan doesn't seem the type to just retcon his show's season finale to capitalize on the series' popularity.

No, aside from the final showcase of its ability to win all the Emmys (coming to you this August), Breaking Bad is over. But you can bet he just inspired a shitton of fan fiction.