Nick Viall Is Basically Jason Segel

Poor Nick — okay, fine, that's an exaggeration. Andi Dorfman gave Nick Viall the First Impression Rose during the premiere and he's been pegged as a Season 10 frontrunner, so things are actually going pretty great for him. The Internet's also pretty into him — Bachelorette fans went nuts comparing Nick to Harry Potter's lovable Neville Longbottom and other celebrities on social media following the premiere and claimed that that's why he got his rose. Why couldn't he just get the rose because he's Nick Viall and kind of charming? I admit though, I'm guilty of comparing the lovable frontrunner to a celebrity as well: Jason Segel in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

I know. Ee should stop likening Nick to other celebrities and pop culture characters — he's his own person, guys. Let him live and accept him for who he is. I mean, Andi's doing her best to do that. But, you can't honestly tell me that you don't get serious Peter Bretter vibes from him.

From his "I'm so humble and shy and adorable and kind of nerdy" demeanor (he's a software sales exec, aw) to that adorable handmade Date Card he made for Andi on Monday night, Nick's just begging for this comparison. Honestly, just listening to him talk convinced me that instead of comparing him to Phil Phillips and Neville Longbottom, we should be screaming his Jason Segel similarities from mountaintops. Just look at his reaction to getting the First Impression Rose:

You see it, I know you do.

Nick is just self-depreciating enough that it's endearing and we don't even mind that he's blatantly unaware of how charming he is — and neither does Andi, apparently. Because he's really gotten under her skin after just two weeks. The front-running suitor also has another little something in common with Segel's Peter, he's thriving on the little doses of encouragement he's getting from Andi's compliments and getting the first rose of Season 10.

Even though Andi's are a lot more like, "You're not my usual type, but I'm so attracted to you," and, "You don't even realize how great you are and I love it." Sure, they're not as cold-hard true as Mila Kunis' Rachel's words to Peter to snap him out of his funk, but they're definitely making Nick take more risks. He definitely gives off a shy and timid vibe, but it rocked that impromptu one-on-one date and the popping of bottles on Monday night. Risky, a little nerdy, but epically romantic just the same.

And, even though I know this is a huge stretch, I really do feel like Nick kind of looks like Segel. It's in the eyes and absolutely in the facial expressions. They blatantly say that he doesn't take himself seriously, but inside, he kind of does and he hopes you will, too. It's all just perfect — but, unfortunately, if he's got a shot with Andi, Nick's going to have to come into his own because she doesn't have time to guide him forever.

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