Denny's Tweets Brilliant Pun About Apple & Beats

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Denny's has made a pun. A really great pun, about current events. No, I don't mean that the owner of Denny's went into a meeting and just stated a pun at some point. No, I'm talking about something way more serious — the corporate communications department, or whoever runs their Twitter account, came up with an Apple and Beats-themed pun on behalf of Denny's. Good one, Denny's. Good one.So, with the acquisition of Beats by Apple earlier this week, Denny's clearly decided that it was no longer going to remain quiet on how it views current events anymore. (And who can blame them?) So they stepped in to voice their opinion on the matter

This is about more than just a breakfast food restaurant's opinions on the world. It's a landmark in the world of corporate twitter accounts. Instead of just posting about special deals at Denny's or something lame, Denny's is creating a brand that makes them more than a corporation — more like a person, which might be creepy, but you know, whatever.

But when creating a voice for your company on Twitter or any other social media account, where do you start? Well, maybe you can try these corporate twitter account personas....

1. The Denny's

The humor is subtle but approachable. Denny's employed obviously Dad humor, and it's working.

2. The Old Spice

This brand is snarky and always on the offense. Why? Well, that's not clear, but it's definitely working for them.

3. The Taco Bell

Taco Bell knows how to have fun with Twitter — especially when you consider its love for replying to tweets.