An Alexander Wang Fro-yo Truck Exists

I want to be an Alexander Wang girl so badly I bought one of those sporty Topshop crop tops with mesh sleeves that kinda, sorta looks like T by Alexander Wang if you squint. So, imagine my delight when I realized being an Alexander Wang girl includes eating frosty cold desserts! There is an Alexander Wang frozen yogurt truck existing in this world as I type and you read this. And you thought fashion was all about green juice, kale salads, and barre workouts.

I would take some good old-fashioned Alex Wang fro-yo over the latest Dominique Ansel concoction any day. While I'm not of the mind that frozen yogurt is somehow healthier than other desserts, it doesn't surprise me that the frosty treat would be endorsed by fashion's coolest designer. I see plenty of skinny, trendy women carrying ginormous 16 Handles cups around NYC and sometimes feel like gently reminding them that they are eating a buttload of sugar and hey look, it's not killing them! I'm happy that Alexander Wang is on team "Delicious Food is Not the Enemy."

The Wang fro-yo truck, which is black and white (duh), is currently camped out in front of the brand's store in Harbour City, Hong Kong. I see you pricing flights to Hong Kong right now, don't try to deny it! Good news though — once you make the journey, the frozen yogurt will be free! The trendiest man in America would not dare be gauche enough to charge you for dessert.

In case you planned on Instagramming your free fro-yo cone and then handing it off to your little sister, Alex Wang has ensured that each dessert comes with a little "EAT ME" notice. He really doesn't want you winding up on @YouDidNotEatThat.

Image: alexanderwangny/Instagram