Dear Kate Creates Yoga Pants for Going Commando

Women's underwear and exercise are not the best combination. Who wants an itchy lace wedgie getting in between you and the perfect tree pose? Dear Kate makes yoga pants meant for going commando, so you don't have to worry about displaying your butt with see-through workout gear. Move over, Lululemon!

Using a material called Underlux, Dear Kate has "engineered a new type of yoga pant that means you’ll never again find your undies in a bunch at the end of a workout. Incorporating a small inset of our patent-pending Underlux fabric, these pants have your back if you decide to “go commando.” Imagine the freedom of no more VPL (visible panty lines), no bunching or riding up, and no stress over winging it without underwear." Where were these pants when I took dance classes every day of the week?

They sure do sound super comfortable. Maybe the days of the downward dog wedgie are finally behind us? Wouldn't that be a relief. I'm happy to see a women-friendly company that understands that women like to workout in yoga pants and don't just wear them outside to encourage ogling from men on the street. Here is an infographic that better explains how the technology works:

You can check out (and donate) to Dear Kate's Kickstarter if you are all for a future of going commando to yoga (or Pilates, or spin, or Gyrotonic) class!

Images: Dear Kate