Sarah Jessica Parker Wanted to See Manhattanhenge More than You’ve Ever Wanted Anything

On Thursday evening, a twice-a-year occurrence called Manhattanhenge was set to happen in New York City in which the sunset lines up exactly with the grid of Manhattan's avenues giving viewers a look at... the sun setting exactly in line with the grid of Manhattan's avenues. Okay, so maybe it doesn't sound all that great, but pictures of it are actually really cool which is why a certain popular New Yorker wanted to get in on the action. Sarah Jessica Parker was excited about Manhattanhenge, like very excited, but was disappointed to find out that because of cloudy skies her Manhattanhenge dream wouldn't come true. Parker documented her journey online and while at first it's funny because of how intense Parker feels about getting to experience Manhattanhenge, as you go on it gets a bit sad. The lady just wanted to see the sun set in line with the streets! Is that so much to ask?!

First, Parker wrote on Instagram, "Patiently awaiting Manhattan henge 2014 #cantbelieveigotthekidstobedintime" along with a picture of an already grey and cloudy sky. Things weren't looking good. I'm sure if she wasn't in such denial at this moment, she would've already known Manhattanhenge wasn't happening.

Parker let out her real feelings on Twitter. A friend told her that Manhattanhenge was a no go and she couldn't believe it.

'Cause what if the clouds were really a blessing? Couldn't the cloudy sky help the sunset look even better?

And she saw some breakage, man! (This is the part that really endeared me. Sure, there are more Manhattanhenges, but what about the fact that she got the children to bed? Can't a woman get a moment of peace to herself and watch the damn sunset line up exactly with the streets?! My god!)

Parker posted another photo showing that she gave up once and for all. She wrote, "A piece of plain old ordinary sky poking through under the standard hotel. Ah well, the walk was nice.#nowondernooneelsewasout" Yeah, "the walk was nice." Sure, SJP.

And she tweeted that she was not alone in her sadness.

But then! There was some good news! Manhattanhenge was coming back for a second night! "Full sun on the grid!"

So, if you're interested in seeing if Sarah Jessica Parker gets the kids to bed early again and gets to successfully experience Manhattanhenge, you might want to check her Twitter account tonight. And, just so you know, it's cloudy in New York right now with very little "breakage."

Images: Sarah Jessica Parker/Twitter