B.J. Novak’s Children’s Book Cover Is Missing Something — PHOTO

B.J. Novak has a new book coming out and it's unlike any of the children's books you read growing up. Unless you were really into the dictionary or the phone book. In that case, yeah, it's pretty similar. B.J. Novak revealed the cover of his book, The Book with No Pictures, and you wouldn't believe it, but this thing doesn't have any pictures! The cover is simply black and blue text (with serifs! how fun!) on a plain white background.

If you're thinking that maybe this is a "children's book" rather than a children's book — you know, like some parody thing you would find at Urban Outfitters — guess again, because this is legitimately for kids. In a statement released earlier this year from his publishing company, the former Office star and writer explained,

I wanted to write a book that would introduce the youngest of kids to the idea that words can be their allies — that the right words can be as fun, exciting, and ridiculous as any pictures. Also, I can’t draw.

The back cover of the book, which along with the front Novak revealed on his appropriately titled Instagram account "picturesoftext," further describes what the book is all about. It says,

If a kid is trying to make you read this book, the kid is playing a trick on you. You will end up saying SILLY THINGS and making everybody LAUGH AND LAUGH!

While the cover likely won't draw children's attention right away, he's on to something with the silly-sounding words idea. Kids love making ridiculous sounds. They also love scribbling all over things though, and I'm thinking this book might make for a nice blank canvas.

The Book with No Pictures will go on sale Sept. 30, 2014.

Images: B.J. Novak/Instagram