How to Have the Best Summer TV Marathon Ever

by Rachel Semigran

The summer television lull is officially upon us. Sure, we’ve have a few more episodes of Game of Thrones to go and Masters of Sex will be premiering soon. (That's Sunday, July 13, to be exact.) But we are left high and dry without Mad Men, Scandal, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation — essentially everything that is good in this world is gone until September... or later. Now is the time of year when we turn to Netflix or that once-deserted shelf in our livings rooms known as the “DVD collection,” and we seek comfort in marathons of our favorite series that have come and gone. This — this is the summer of non-stop watching.

The problem (or greatest thing) with watch-a-thons is that, while in the depths of one of Coach Taylor’s many inspiring speeches, we just might miss out on those three glorious months that make up summer. Sure, there are heat waves, ungodly humidity (what’s up NYC subways?!), and bug bites for days, but there are also longer days, BBQs, beach trips, and all of the nostalgic wonder that makes up June to August.

So if you’re dedicating some of your summer free time to the brain candy, straight chillin’, relaxation fest that is TV marathon-watching, here’s how you can enjoy your new favorite shows, while also not missing out on the best of summer.

For every 8 episodes of Friday Night Lights…

...Run one mile at sunset for full “Texas Forever” sensory immersion.

For every season of Breaking Bad…

...visit something blue! Take a trip to the beach, swim in a lake, or float on down a river in a big tube with your friends. SUMMER!

When you are all caught up on Orange is the New Black...

...Spend a day doing some volunteering. Join in a community clean-up day, plant some trees, or help out at a local animal shelter. Everyone has extra free time in the summer and volunteering is the perfect way to be outdoors and make the world a little brighter.

Whenever you catch yourself reciting lines along with 30 Rock

...place a dollar in a jar. Then when Labor Day rolls around, you’ll have a nice stash for your last beach weekend of the season.

Every time Rory has a new boyfriend on Gilmore Girls

...press pause and go call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Preferably on a deck or adirondack chair.

Whenever a situation on Sex and the City is reminiscent of a past/current relationship...

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

….immediately call your girlfriends and plan a ladies night. Even if it’s Tuesday. Actually, especially if it's Tuesday.

Whenever you watch an episode of Friends where Phoebe sings at Central Perk…

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

…organize a bonfire with your friends. Acoustic guitars played by dreamboats required.

After watching all of Summer Heights High

...Put on a talent show in your living room/deck/yard with friends. Sangria is necessary. On many, many levels.

Images: NBC (4); AMC; Netflix; WB; HBO