A Father's Day Tribute To Our Top 14 Favorite TV Dads Of All Time

It's Father's Day, and it's time to celebrate our favorite TV dads (and, of course, our real dads)! We love TV dads. The classic, wholesome '90's dads, the bumbling, not-that-smart dads with questionable parenting skills, the complicated badass dads, even the animated dad! TV dads come in so many different varieties, there really is a hilarious TV dad for every occasion. There are so many great father-figures on TV right now that it's hard to choose a favorite one, let alone fourteen, but we've done our best to narrow down the list of TV dad all stars past and present. It's also important to note that there are also a number of extremely hot dads on TV (George Altman from Suburgatory, call me) but those beauties deserve their own special list that is probably best reserved for a day that isn't Father's Day, because that might be weird. These are not all of the greatest TV dads of all time. This the tribute.

So whether you're watching you're watching your dad get his eyebrows singed while attempting to fire up that fancy grill be bought but never uses or doing whatever it is you do on Father's Day with whoever you spend it with, relax and enjoy the definitive guide to our all-time favorite dad's on TV. Happy Father's Day!

Danny Tanner from Full House

kriistiy on YouTube

The adorable '90's single dad.

Phillip Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air

DrGreek1337 on YouTube

The best dad-uncle ever.

Bob Belcher from Bob's Burgers

Kind of makes you wish your dad was a cartoon.

Al Bundy from Married With Children


The best/worst dad.

Bill Cosby from The Cosby Show


The classic.

Jason Seaver from Growing Pains

FirstSiren2T22 on YouTube

Another wholesome '90's dad played by Alan Thicke, aka Robin Thicke's dad??

George Lopez from The George Lopez Show

jacoblroark on YouTube

The funny dad.

Loius C.K.

CBS on YouTube

The dad who acknowledges that being a dad probably sucks sometimes.

Don Draper


The corporate dad.

Sandy Cohen

theprisonbreak on YouTube

Giving you the best, most awkward dad advice you didn't know you needed.

Jack Bauer


The badass dad.

Phil Dunphy


When life gives you lemonade, make lemons.

Dan Conner from Roseanne


Our favorite slacker dad.

Hal from Malcolm In The Middle

Natalie on YouTube

Someone give this guy a spinoff show.

Images: Giphy.com, ABC