Kate Middleton Has A Bodyguard For Her Butt

Kate Middleton has a "female minder", which is a fancy way of saying she has a bodyguard for her butt. Following a privacy-invading incident in which German newspaper Bild ran a picture of Kate Middleton's bare butt on their website, exposed by a gust of wind that blew her dress up as she disembarked from a helicopter during her official tour of Australia and New Zealand, the Duchess has hired an additional bodyguard specifically to mind the gap while Kate travels or goes shopping and prevent future unauthorized booty-shots.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are understandably upset by the publication of these photographs, which British newspapers refused to print. Sadly, this isn't the first time Kate's privacy has been grossly invaded by overzealous paparazzi, most notably when topless pictures of Kate appeared in a French magazine in 2012, which prompted the royal couple to launched legal proceedings against the publication, saying in a statement that the situation was disturbingly reminiscent of the "the worst excesses of the paparazzi" which my have attributed to Prince William's mother Diana's untimely death.

The couple has asked that publications to use their discretion when it came to printing photos of the royal family.

No (butt) pictures, please.

Image: Giphy