Miley Cyrus Might Have Been Robbed Yet Again — So What Does It Mean?

In 2013, Cyrus’s house was broken into and $100,000 worth of items was taken from her home, including jewelry and designer purses. This time, Miley Cyrus' assistant returned to the home around midnight on Sunday only to discover that some of the celebrity’s personal belongings appeared to be moved and not in the right place.

Cyrus was not home at the time (she’s currently on her tour) and her assistant called the police who said there didn’t seem to be any sign of forced entry and that officers are currently reviewing her security footage. Additionally, a fingerprint unit is en route to her house to look for any further clues. Though Cyrus wasn’t there, she seemed somewhat distraught over something after tweeting a somewhat cryptic message, saying, “ya know when you just cry in the shower for no reason.” Then again, she later tweeted about missing Floyd again, so who knows.

Though it’s true that life carries on and we all have to pick ourselves up at some point, I genuinely feel sorry for Cyrus as she seems to be in a messy state right now. Yet it is good to know that she wasn’t in LA to bump into whoever it was in her home.

What could this second break-in possibly mean? After all, when we hear of break-ins at other celebrity homes, it’s typically a repeat offender and quite often someone who is obsessed with the person who lives there. Then again, there was no forced entry, so was there even a burglar to begin with?

Cyrus could have a stalker

This wouldn’t be that surprising considering how famous she is and how her career has soared in recent years. She already had to get one restraining order and it’s safe to assume that the man who it was for isn’t the only fan who needs one. Bleh, creepy. I understand being obsessed with celebrities, but come on guys, give them some breathing room.

There is a new Bling Ring in town

Perhaps yet another group of teenagers has decided to begin robbing celebrity houses once again and they just really have it out for Cyrus. I don’t condone burglary in any way shape or form, but if you ever needed multicolored leotards or killer clothing in general, her house would probably be the place to shop at.

One of her friends stopped by and forgot to put everything back

So far, the most we know is that there was no sign of forced entry, which could signify various things. Either someone didn’t lock a door so a stranger, family member or friend entered Cyrus’s household, or someone else who has a key to her mansion and is not her assistant was there. Either way, it would probably still be strange if one of my friends just popped into my house unannounced when I was on tour half-way across the world.

Her assistant made a mistake

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve gone into a room thinking something looks different, only to fear someone was there before me, and then ultimately going into an unnecessary state of panic. And that’s just in my own house. I can’t even imagine what scary tricks your mind would play on you when entering a giant mansion where no one else is home. Plus, there have been no reports so far of stolen items but just that they were moved, so it doesn’t seem like there was anything bizarre going on.

They were filming Toy Story 4

And Woody and Buzz forgot to put everything back where they belonged.

However, until the police discover whether or not someone was in Cyrus’s house, all we can do is hope that the singer is happy and enjoying herself on her Bangerz tour.

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