7 Sun Hats for Summer Sunburn Protection in Style

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It's summertime, folks! It’s time for barbecues, beach trips, music festivals, day-drinking in public parks, and the general warm weather shenanigans. We adore our friend Mr. Golden Sun and all, don’t get us wrong. But we know that spending too much quality time with him over the next few months could be problematic. Especially if you’re a bit more of a melanin-challenged individual with light hair, who burns easily. Basting yourself in sunscreen is not enough. You need to get yourself a summer hat!

Your scalp needs protection just as much as the rest of your body, if not more. And don’t even get me started on the sunburnt nose and cheek effect. YEESH! Bane of summer existence right there. I know, I know. This is always what Mom told you as a kid to cramp your style when you were bouncing off to the beach with your friends. But you’re mature now. You know better. Along with summer dresses, summer hats are a treat of an accessory that we only get to take advantage of for a select number of months a year. Not to mention, they will keep your head happy and un-chapped for the whole of summer. Check out some great options for summer hats after the jump. And don’t forget to bring a towel!

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