15 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses (Under $75) You Can Wear To Any Type Of Nuptial Affair This Season

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I'm at that point in my life where a lot of my friends are starting to get engaged. Lately, few text messages are more exciting than ones that include a photo of a newly ringed finger.

And while I'm thrilled to have so many weddings to look forward to, I also know that this means I'll have a lot of expenses to manage. Not only are there engagement, shower, and wedding gifts to consider, but there are also travel and accommodation fees, bachelorette parties to budget for, and, of course, a lot of dresses to buy.

If the bride-to-be has mandated your attire (aka you're a bridesmaid), then the pressure is pretty much off. But if you're going as a guest then there are some things to consider. Is it a casual beach wedding? A formal black tie affair? Whatever the theme, it's important to dress appropriately. At the same time, you definitely don't want to break the bank, especially if your friends have decided to get married all at once.

Here, 15 dresses under $75 that you should consider for your wedding season wardrobe.

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