The 'Mistresses' Look Sweet, But It's All a Ruse

Television doesn't get anymore juicier or soapier than this. Last year's hit summer show Mistresses is back on ABC and pulling out all the stops to top Season 1 in drama. For those of you who missed it last summer, the show is based on a British series of the same name and follows four friends at different points in their lives both professionally and romantically. But since the show is called Mistresses, we all know it's mostly about their romantic conquests.

There's Savi, played by Alyssa Milano: She's the married lawyer who, while trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant with her husband, has an affair with a co-worker and — you guessed it — gets pregnant. Her younger sister is Joss, a free-spirited woman working in real estate and sleeping with her boss. Their two friends are Karen, a therapist who slept with a former patient and helped him kill himself which leads to an investigation into his death by his family, and April, a widowed mother of one adorable girl who finds out her husband is still alive and whose mistress is trying to blackmail her for money. And that's just in the first few episodes. Intrigued enough yet? But what can we expect from Monday's Season 2 premiere? Well let's look back at where we left these ladies last year:

Savi's Pregnancy Drama

After discovering her pregnancy, Savi tells her husband Harry that she had an affair with Dominic, her co-worker. Harry moves out of the house but Savi is determined to make the marriage work and tells Dom that even if the baby is his, she will stay with Harry. But that proves to be a difficult decision to stick to as Savi grows closer and closer to Dom now that Harry has moved out of the house. And things get even more complicated when Harry decides he wants Savi back no matter who the father is. At the end of Season 1, Joss takes Savi to Palm Springs for her birthday and Savi decides that whomever is the father of her baby, that's who she will choose. But on the way back to her house to get the paternity results, Savi gets in a car accident. Initially Savi and the baby survive but later goes unconscious and starts coding.

Joss' Trials and Tribulations

Joss' company gets bought out by a Frenchman named Olivier who is a real jerk to everyone, especially the always popular Joss. While showing a nice lesbian couple a few houses, Joss makes friends with one half of the couple, Alex. Joss convinces Alex that her girlfriend does not treat her well and that she needs to break up with her. Joss and Alex grow closer as friends and then one day start to become lovers and girlfriends. At first, things seem great but Joss begins to feel restless and has an affair with Olivier who warms to her throughout the season. Joss and Alex break up later and Joss goes to be with her sister.

Karen's Drama Explosion

Yunjim Kim, AKA Sun from Lost, goes through arguably the most drama in Season 1 of Mistresses. Her character Karen, helps her lover and patient commit suicide and then is a main witness and suspect in the subsequent investigation into his death. Then her former lover's son falls in love with her and the two of them have sex, creepily enough. Finally, her former lover's wife finds out her husband was having an affair with Karen and is hellbent on making Karen pay by trying to ruin Karen's career with the ethics investigation. After Karen's case is finally thrown out of court, the former lover's wife returns with a vengeance and a gun but her son — and Karen's new lover — steps in before the gun goes off. We still don't know who, if anyone, has been shot.

April's Tearful First Season

April has tried so hard to live without her husband for five years since his "death" and has succeeded for the most part. But as she slowly starts to find happiness in the form of a new boyfriend, Richard, her husband's mistress shows up demanding money from April. Then immediately after that, April finds out her husband is actually alive. After sending the mistress away, Paul decides to stay nearby to see his daughter and try to win April back. April decides it might be best to try and work things out with her husband, so she breaks up with Richard. However, after getting a phone call from Paul's old mistress begging Paul to call his son— that's right, the man faked his own death and started another family— April decides to break up with Paul as well. Thank goodness.

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