'Beauty And The Beast' Season 2 Spoilers Suggest Vincent & Catherine Won't Reunite Anytime Soon

Things are getting really intense on the CW's Beauty and the Beast . When we last left Vincent and Catherine in Season 2's midseason finale, the couple was finally adjusting to a happy reunited life together until Vincent was arrested for murder. We can't have all happy endings now that Beauty and the Beast has been renewed for Season 3. Now the show is back Monday night for Season 2.5, and Catherine will stop at nothing to find justice. But along with Vincent's case, Catherine also have to deal with him being a fugitive as he escapes from prison and goes on the run. This couple seriously cannot catch a break.

Kristen Kreuk who plays Catherine on the hit show, spoke with reporters recently about the dramatic Season 2.5 fugitive arc and how Catherine and Vincent's relationship will fair during this ordeal. Kreuk told TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich that not only is the evidence against Vincent overwhelming, it's almost too much volume. And Kreuk said that Catherine will have to "play dirty" when it comes to getting Vincent out of this dilemma. She will have to risk her career for him.

Catherine also has her father in her life with whom she may or may not reconcile soon. Kreuk added that while in jail, Catherine's father will share some important information about his past that will ultimately help Catherine during this whole process. Kreuk also stated that more of Catherine's family history will be revealed.

In Season 2.5's second episode, Catherine and Vincent will work with the FBI which Kreuk hinted could be the direction the show takes in Season 3. However, since these last few episodes were shot without the comfort of knowing if the series had been renewed, these hints about the FBI won't be included in the episodes. Season 2 does end with both a bit of closure and a cliffhanger so even though the staff were unaware of their future, they still left room for hope of a Season 3 which they now, thankfully, have. Season 3 will be "a tighter and more focused" thirteen episodes, but Kreuk has no clue what they will bring just yet.

Kreuk also dropped a few hints to TV Guide's Robyn Ross about Catherine's relationship with Gabe. The former couple must meet up again and it's not only awkward but according to Kreuk it's awful. She says the show sets up a weird relationship between the two characters where Gabe is constantly trying to prove himself to Catherine by doing everything she needs him to do and she keeps coming to him. Where that will lead is anyone's guess but considering how much Catherine is fighting to be with Vincent, Gabe won't be getting the redemption and reuniting he so desperately craves. Oh well, Kreuk knows what the fans want: Catherine and Vincent happily ever after. We just won't be getting that anytime soon.


Images: CW; Tumblr/ilikethewayyousoundinthemorning; Tumblr/sihamdalila