Iggy Azalea Addresses a Big #Problem

Iggy Azalea is still flying high off "Problem", the single she did with Ariana Grande that turned out to be the audio version of crack to just about everyone. Although there were initially concerns about Grande and Azalea working together considering their two very different lyrical styles, the two women expertly blended their genres into one massive eargasm. Now Azalea has gone to her Twitter to get people to listen up to something a little more important than her music. On Monday morning, Azalea lashed out at bullies and fan wars — and, quite honestly, can we get a slow clap for her for doing so?

The series of tweets focused on cyber bullies who sit at home and talk smack about people on the Internet. Azalea then broadens her focus to militant fans who attack other people in defense of their idols, a lesson that the Internet is long overdue to learn. She didn't name anyone or any group specifically in her rant, which would have just been asking for trouble, but Azalea makes a very good point. From Justin Bieber to Demi Lovato, there are people who are scared off from calling themselves a fan of an artist because their fan base is passionate to the point of being rabid in the face of any criticism. While stars never condone that behavior, it happens often enough that more could be done to stop it.

The fact that Azalea is making a preemptive strike against fan wars before her fans ever make the news for participating in one is a bold and sadly necessary move. By making her stance clear, Azalea is basically asking her fans to show their love for her by rising above the petty squabbles that other fans might get into. And her message goes out to fans of other celebrities who have participated, are participating, or will participate in fan wars, essentially telling them to cut it out because they're not helping anyone and they're certainly not helping themselves.

In the last year alone, we've seen Demi Lovato's Lovatics attack Kathy Griffin, Justin Bieber's Beliebers attack Drake Bell, and Beliebers and One Direction's Directioners go at it for what may as well be fun, considering how often it happens. Ariana Grande's Arianators are also notoriously vicious and it's best to never even mention Team Breezy. Cyber bullying is a serious issue that many celebrities have spoken out against, but Azalea took it a step further by lambasting fan wars as well and it was the best thing she could have done.

Sure, one could argue that fan wars fall under the heading of cyber bullying, but they're a special kind of cyber bullying that can reflect badly on the celebrity the fan is defending. The fact that it's also a waste of everyone's time goes without saying. Azalea did a great thing by addressing this problem. Here's hoping the Internet considers listening.