Who Is Elizabeth Chambers? Armie Hammer's Wife Has Literal & Figurative Bun in the Oven

It looks like congratulations are in order! Married couple Armie Hammer, 27, and Elizabeth Chambers, 31, are expecting their first child after four years of marriage. While you may know Hammer from movies like The Lone Ranger and The Social Network (the movie that made me think that Hammer actually had a twin), his wife may be less familiar. So who is Elizabeth Chambers?

Like her husband, Chambers is also in the Hollywood game. Though Chambers has dabbled in acting with roles in 2007's The Game Plan and the TV series Moonlight, she's actually made a name for herself in front of the camera as a TV host. Chambers has served as a correspondent for the E! News Bureau and Access Hollywood. She has also worked as an anchor for Current TV and as the chief correspondent for the Human Rights Foundation. But despite her television journalism background, there's one other thing that Chambers is really good at: baking.

Chambers opened up Bird Bakery in San Antonio, Texas and from the delicious food listed on its website (and the awesome Yelp reviews) this looks like the place to be for cupcake lovers in Texas. (Not to mention a place for pecan pie junkies, brownie addicts, and overall foodies.) This isn't your typical celebrity food venture — this is a serious, full-scale bakery. In fact, most of the baked goods come from Chambers' grandmother's secret recipes — including the nearly 22 flavors of cupcakes on the menu. (And, in case you were wondering, yes, you can order them online. My vote would be a dozen carrot cake cupcakes... yum.)

Congrats to Chambers and Hammer! I can only imagine that their new baby will be born with a serious sweet tooth.