6 Moments Illinois' Same-Sex Couples Finally Got Married

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Now that June's been recognized as LGBT Pride Month by the White House, it's fitting that we're kicking off the month with a marriage equality celebration — in President Barack Obama's home state, no less. More than six months after the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, Illinois officially legalized same-sex marriage on Sunday. Gay couples rushed to county clerks' offices across the state to receive their marriage licenses.

However, not all of the 102 county clerks offices were open Sunday, so the ceremonies continued in full swing Monday, which saw the full statewide rollout of the marriage equality law.

Although Cook and Champaign counties began officiating same-sex marriages in February, a majority of Illinois residents had to wait until June 1. Because Chicago allowed civil unions for same-sex couples, county clerk officials told The Chicago Tribune that many couples arriving at the courthouses Sunday and Monday morning were having their civil unions converted into marriage licenses. DuPage County, for instance, is home to nearly 400 same-sex couples in civil unions. Chief Deputy County Clerk Paul Hinds told the paper, "We're ready to go. The program is all set for the conversion."

Even though more than 1,500 received their marriage licenses in February, June 1 still held much significance for same-sex couples across the state. In the Rogers Park community of Chicago, 40 gay and straight couples were married in a group wedding. Meanwhile, Cook County Clerk David Orr posted on Twitter that 50 same-sex couples had their Civil Unions converted to marriage licenses Monday morning.

Here are some of the happy couples celebrating this historic event...

1. Couples Line Up At The Cook County Clerk Office Bright And Early

2. 40 Gay And Straight Couples Hold A Group Wedding in Chicago

3. Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Hosts Several Same-Sex Weddings

4. Zachary And Jim Celebrate Their Marriage In Cook County

5. Robin And Jan Marry In Cook County

6. S. Lee And Brenda Celebrate In Cook County

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