Size "Fat" Clothes In Japan Are An Actual Thing Now

How would you feel if the tag on the inside of your new dress said, simply, "fat?" No this isn't some sort of sick thinspo experiment that's making the rounds on Tumblr, it's reality for a company based out of Japan. A photo of a receipt is circling the internet, and the size label bluntly reads "fat." Typically Japanese manufacturers use a similar size system to the U.S., including sizes S, M, and L. For extra small sizes, a double S is used. Double L for extra large.

Although there are also certain companies that use more descriptive titles, this one is causing quite the internet roar. One writer remembers being in Japan and getting a shirt sized "LA," which stood for large athletic, a person who has wide shoulders but a slimmer waist. The fat-labeling manufacturer's name isn't listed, but as one site determined, the product is subject to new taxes that were enacted in April, making it a recent purchase.

Though sizing isn't perfect in the U.S., and we all fall victim to the tear-inducing ways of alpha sizing, which would you prefer? A name-calling label or unpredictable numerical sizes? It's clear we have an issue with fat-shaming in the country, so maybe our context makes the label more harsh than it was intended to be.

Image: Labaq/Imgur