Amanda Seyfried's Throwback Photo In Honor of Justin Long's Birthday Is the Greatest Gift Ever

Amanda Seyfried is as funny offscreen as she is on, and she took to her Instagram account to prove it. Seyfried posted a seriously amazing #throwback photo on Sunday night in honor of boyfriend Justin Long's birthday, and though it's a photo of the actress from "back in the day," you may not even recognize her. Seyfried's fantastically dorky picture proves that even the gorgeous star of A Million Ways to Die in the West went through an awkward phase... and heck, I'm just happy that hers was broadcast for all the world to see. It might be my favorite photo of Seyfried ever.

No word on when this photo was taken, but it features Seyfried as a kid holding up a present. It's essentially the perfect photo to send your boyfriend on his birthday, assuming that your boyfriend has a sense of humor. Considering that Long starred in movies like Acceptance and Dodgeball, I'm thinking that Long totally gets it. Seyfried's birthday is just six short months away — let's hope that Long has an equally funny photo to share with his girlfriend on her special day. (Seriously, I'll be checking.)

Check out the Mean Girls star's goofy photo:

She certainly rocks the polka-dot skirt, doesn't she? Happy Birthday, Justin Long!

Image: mingey/Instagram