How Do You Get Famous in L.A.? 'Famous in 12' Attempts To Show Us

It's a fact that will either depress you or make incredibly hopeful: You don't have to be talented in order to become famous anymore. And now, The CW is cashing in on our fame-seeking culture with their new reality show Famous in 12. The series will follow the Artiaga family for 12 weeks in Los Angeles, Calif. as they attempt to become famous within their various industries.

From "normals" shooting to stardom through reality shows (think the entire wait staff on Vanderpump Rules) to YouTube sensations reaching star-status to one of the biggest names in Hollywood having absolutely no discernible skills other than marketing herself (Kim Kardashian, or her new married name, Kim Kardashian West) it's no wonder that everyone is trying to get in on the fame game. After all, becoming famous seems kind of like a cake walk — who wouldn't want to join the ranks of their favorite celebrities?

Aiding the Artiaga family in their endeavor is TMZ's Harvey Levin (he's now making fun of people before they become famous — that's how you get a leg up on the competition) and some so-called "fame experts" who will have them participate in "social media challenges" in order to rank just how famous this family has become in their weeks in Hollywood.

One thing that this family has going for them is that the whole family is actually talented. (At least, they all think that they are talented. Time will tell.) This family isn't looking to keep up with the Kardashians: they want to be famous because they actually have some skill that they want to pursue. Within this one family there is at least one aspiring dancer, singer, writer, DJ (don't laugh, but it's the dad), and model. Combine actual talents with the advice from these "fame experts" and I think we might have a Kardashian-level empire on our hands. (With any luck, it will be an empire that contributes more than branded glitter nail polish and Sears shift dresses to our universe.)

The family has the skills and a team schooling them in all things fame — but how exactly should these guys go about getting famous? Well, as someone with hundreds of Twitter followers (well, like, several hundred) and a face that has made people say, "I'm sorry, did we go to high school together? What's your name, again?" I have some choice advice for the Artiaga family. Here are the steps you need to take in order to really become famous (in no particular order) straight from the girl who saw Pete Wentz in Pinkberry and played it cool.

1. Move to Los Angeles

2. Master the Selfie

3. Date someone famous

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4. Be Pretty (But Like, in a RELATABLE Way)

Yes, this gorgeous, perfectly-proportioned model is the "regular" girl we've all been waiting for. (Love you, Kate.)

5. Befriend the Biebs

Yes, it's like selling your soul, but would you know who Lil Za is otherwise?

6. Or just have really famous parents

7. Become a Scientologist

How do you think I made it to 200+ Twitter followers? The Church, man.

8. Get a job at Lisa Vanderpump's reality TV star of a restaurant SUR

9. And, lastly...

9.5. Marry a Kardashian.

Or, like, "play basketball." Whatever Kris Humphries did before marrying Kim.

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