Ryan Lewis Asks Macklemore Fans What They Know About Ryan Lewis & It Ain’t Much — VIDEO

Ryan Lewis needs to adopt a signature look like Macklemore because apparently he's looking a little plain right now. On Monday night's Tonight Show, Ryan Lewis asked Macklemore fans what they think of Ryan Lewis and they didn't have much to say besides, "He's the other guy." Lewis took to the streets of New York with no disguise and asked fans of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, what they think Ryan Lewis, if they think he's attractive, and if they could point him out in a photograph. Even with the photo right in front of his face, it takes many of them quite some time to notice the resemblance.

Some highlights of the clip include a girl who responds to "What do you think of Ryan Lewis?" by saying, "Um… to be honest, I’m more on the Macklemore side than Ryan Lewis." That's harsh, girl. Ryan Lewis does a lot of that duo. He does... something, uh, "with computers?" Then there's the Woman who answers how attractive Ryan Lewis is, "C plus, B average?" saying, "C plus." Ouch! At least give the guy a B on camera. He could be watching this. (Or be right in front of you.)

Most of the fans realize who Lewis is once the picture of himself and Macklemore is out for a while, but there's a couple who need Lewis to say, "I'm Ryan Lewis!" in order for them to feel the full embarrassment they deserve.

Check out the video for yourself below and be sure to get a good look at Ryan Lewis. You don't want this to happen to you.

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