In Other News: July 26, 2013

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President Obama is finally starting to go through with his vow to shut down Guantanamo Bay: he's begun by moving two prisoners to Algeria. Well, it's a start!

Scientists have been puzzled about the mysterious deaths of ten million bee hives — which, since bees pollinate fields, has led to an alarming dearth of crops. Apparently, a fungicide-based parasite may be to blame.

The latest for Dominique Strauss-Kahn? Well, it's still not good. The ex-IMF chief is now facing trial for charges of pimping.

The myth that rape rarely causes pregnancy (unless, of course, the woman secretly wants it, which is obviously a thing) originates from a Nazi experiment. Because people don't generally want to delve further into Nazi experiments, it's taken until now for people to clock that said experiment never actually happened .

In Brooklyn, New York, there exists a small penis competition. Yes, really. For a lengthy description, including photos and more information than you'd ever need, head straight here.

If you didn't really want those images in your head, here's something to soothe you: a song made almost entirely out of water sounds.

Here's something we can't really explain, but is oddly addictive. It's like a shark game, but without the game. It's just... Well, it's here.

Bad day for this pro footballer, who learned through this Tweet that he'd lost $2 million dollars.

Want a life-size hologram in your living room? Well, this Kickstarter campaign is hoping to raise funds for just that, because that's apparently what the world is in need of right now.

A researcher found, almost by accident, that during full moons it takes people longer to fall asleep. Really.

This soldier showed the NBA exactly how it's done. Literally. The NBA is, like, standing right there.

And finally, here's next week's New Yorker cover, starring none other than Carlos Danger himself: